Real Estate Sales

We are targeting to get foreign investors meet with real estate units in Turkey, including such big sites as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, and Bursa which are very prospective, having high rates of yearly income, open for development and promising future steady growth. We have taken all necessary actions to ensure safe, secured, problems and risks free sales in accordance to Turkish Sales Legislation. In addition to this, we shall provide free follow up services in applying and obtaining of Turkish citizenship for those our clients who wish to get it by investing 250.000 USD and above.


For sale fruit garden of 41.963 m² in Denizli/Sarayköy ---► 250.000 $

It contains 900 Eşme-type quince trees, 5000 Santamaria-Etrusca-Condula-Carmen types of pear trees. The trees planted in 2015, have reached the age of full productivity and this young garden has an economic life of at least 25 more years. The part of fully dwarf pear trees are surrounded by concrete poles with barbed wire. It has own pool that contains 2500 tons of water that filling from creek.

- The commission of this estate is 0%.

- Prices are being updated regularly according to dollar rate